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Keep this in mind while whale watching in Hervey Bay

Are you that individual who always loves whale watching? Then Hervey Bay is a must visit. Here, you will come across the Humpback whales using the protected waters surrounding Fraser Island as the training place where they teach their young ones on how to adult. If you want to have a great whale watching experience, then Hervey Bay must not be an option.

At Hervey Bay, you will create a lasting impression on your mind starting from the water aerial displays to blowhole spurts and flip slaps. The exciting thing is that you easily access Hervey Bay in a drive which takes approximately 3.5 hours from Brisbane. The trip becomes even more interesting when you take it during the weekend.

The best time to visit Hervey Bay is during winter period which lasts between July and November. Through the assistance of the confident whale watching operators, you will be in a position of seeing the whales over the winter period. However, the operators offer this service under a money-back guarantee for whale watching in Hervey Bay.

As a one way of celebrating the arrival of the whales, you will always find Hervey Bay hosting a celebration that is specifically meant to welcome the whales. This event is commonly identified as the Paddle Out for Whales, and it essentially ranked under the umbrella of the annual Oceans Festival.

During the welcoming celebration, you will find a multitude of people floating into the surfboards’ bay, kayaks’ bay, bright inflatables bay, and the SUPs bay as one way of raising awareness for the welfare of whales and marine environment conservation.

You will also come across other essential events that contribute a lot to the making up the Oceans Festivals during the August holiday like the Blessing of the Fleet, the Hervey Bay Seafood Festival, and the Whale Parade and Concert.

While enjoying whale watching in Hervey Bay, there are several places where you can stay. You will realize that the Humpback highway passes through the entire Fraser Coast and therefore, you can seek accommodation services on either the mainland side or on the island side for a great whale watching weekend.

On the mainland side, you will across accommodation places like BreakFree Great Sandy Straits, Mantra Hervey Bay, and Ramada Hervey Bay which are situated on a stumbling mile from Marina. Here you are promised of the best chance for all your accommodation services.

On the other hand, while you’re on the island side, you will come across accommodation places like the Kingfisher Bay Island Resort which is situated at a take-off point, and it gives a good alternative for all your accommodation issues while sailing on the calm seas.

5 reasons to visit the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Day Tour

The Great Ocean Road is a major tourist attraction. On a day tour you can see avid travellers eager to get a glimpse of its scenic beauty. The Great Ocean Road is a 250 km long stretch of land from Torquay to Warrnambool. If you are wondering if the day tour to this beautiful place is worth it then you need to read on the following few reason why visiting it is such a good idea.

It is one of the most scenic routes ever

If you are a nature lover and love to feel one with nature then a tour to the Great Ocean Road is a must. We can assure you that the sight of some of the most amazing landmarks would leave you breathless. Plus you also get to see a healthy dose of flora and fauna the likes of which are few and far. You can see firsthand the beautiful emerald forests, the historic lighthouse and even encounter a koala or two on your way. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture some amazing scenic routes.

The most gorgeous beaches ever

On your way you would encounter the most amazing beaches ever. The Marengo beach in Apollo Bay would leave you spellbound. When your bus stops over you can relaxing and soak up sun or take a relaxing walk on the beach. The calmness which surrounds you would put you at complete peace with yourself. The gentle waves lapping at the feet is a great way to unwind and enjoy some me time. There are beaches at the port Campbell as well. you just need to ensure that your guide on the day tour stops for a while at one or two of these places to allow you to bask in the actually essence of the place.

Hikers galore

Along the National Otway Park there are amazing hiking trials. These beautiful trials take you away from the noise and pollution and transport you into a world f nature and beauty. Some of the foliage is over hundreds of years old and the majestic beauty f the place would leave you spell bound. Plus if you are lucky you might get to see some exotic creatures the likes of which you might not have seen before.

Gourmet delights

So not everyone is into nature or a hiking expert but there are loads of people who are enthusiastic foodies. The delicious food along the way is sure to tantalize your taste buds. You can choose from an array of Thai, local and continental cuisine. Plus there is something for just every palette. Make sure you enjoy the fresh catch sizzling over with flavors.

A healthy dose of Australian history

The Great Ocean Road isn’t just about scenic beauty and good food. There is also a great deal of history attached to it. The story of how it was built as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the war and the haunting story of the light house would surely move you a bit.

For information on Great Ocean Road day tours, make sure you contact _____________.

How to choose an airport transfer service

We all know how stressful travelling can get. Whether it’s a quick business trip or a more leisurely one for a holiday, traveling can take its toll on just about anyone. However, choosing the right airport transfer services can help make things easier. The last thing on your mind when you land t the airport is to look for a ride to drop you off to your destination. Pre booking an airport transfer from the Wollongong airport can allow you to save time and reach your destination as safely and comfortably as possible.

Gone are the days when airport transfers used to be expensive and were only reserved for the very rich or the famous. These days anyone can enjoy a safe ad comfy ride to their destination without a great deal of hassle. When you book from Airport transfers Wollongong you can rest assured that there is no hidden fees, plus there is hardly any paper work and what’s more you don’t have to wait at the airport. There is someone all ready and waiting to pick you up.

While most people think they could book a taxi ride at the airport only, these cold tend to be more expensive. Plus if you have an early morning or a late night flight, you might need to look around for a while before you find one.

Makes things convenient and accessible

Wollongong Airport transfers are convenient and easy. All that needs to be done is load your luggage into the car and then you would be dropped off to your destination. You don’t even have to worry about the paper work. If you have already made a pre booking you might just need to fill an online form or make a booking over the phone. This reduces the need to sign lengthy paper work at the airport. In case your flight is late you would still have the ride waiting for you at the airport.

Also airport transfer rides make things safe and efficient. Even if you are expert driver and think you could get a car and ride on your own you might be surprised to find that traffic rules differ from one place to another. Plus if you aren’t really familiar with the routes you could get stuck looking for directions. While hiring a airport transfer means that you not only save time but can forget about finding your way to your destination.

You can get a package deal as well and that could make things a great deal easier. You can save up to quite a bit. If you make an early booking you can avail early bird discounts as well.

Also the rides are comfortable and relaxing. When you are already suffering from jet lag you don’t want to wander around looking for a ride. Therefore airport transfers are the easiest way of getting to your destination once you have landed at Wollongong.

Planning a Successful Wine Tour in Perth

If you are a novice on the wine tasting scene, the wine tours in Perth could definitely help you become a connoisseur in no time. However, going on a wine tour for the first time might sound intimidating. You simply need to relax and keep the following tips in mind. You can pull off the Perth wine tour like a pro by following these words of advice.

Tips for a successful wine tasting tour

  • The first thing you need to do is check the wine for its colour, taste and viscosity. Viscosity refers to the thickness of the wine. You would get an idea once you have tasted one or two of the wines.
  • The second step is to take a whiff of the wine you are about to taste. This helps you identify the additional flavours in the wine. The aroma of the wine is normally detected in three steps. The primary or the first impression. The secondary impression which comes after you actually taste the wine and finally the tertiary impressions which is left at the aftertaste of the wine.
  • When tasting the wine, make sure you keep it in your mouth for a few seconds before actually swallowing it. The first step is to take a log sip and then build an after taste by taking several small sips. Just like the aromas of the wine you would notice the taste of the wine in three stages as well. if you do not appreciate the taste of the particular wine you can spit it out in the spittoons which are offered at every wine tasting. It’s not considered rude and definitely no one is going to hold it against you.
  • Once you are done with the wine tasting you have got to evaluate the wine. If you like the taste of a particular wine make sure you note it down. After tasting a number of different wines you might not exactly remember which one you like the most. Writing it down can help you remember and take back the wine which you enjoyed the most.
  • The other things to keep in mind is not to feel intimidated when people use vine based terms like viticulture and assemblage. Taking a look at the wine glossary before the start of the tour can help you understand what your guide and other people at the wine tour are talking about.
  • The best source of knowledge for anyone who is a novice at wine tasting are the tour guides. They can steer you towards wines with flavours which you as a novice would enjoy more.
  • Finally it’s not always necessary to buy a bottle of wine on an expensive wine tour, however it definitely won’t hurt if you purchase a bottle of wine or two. This is a great way to show some appreciation of what the wine tour has on offer. Plus wine bottles make great souvenirs for the trip back home.

Places you can visit with a low budget


While travelling can be a very refreshing and relaxing way of taking a break from the routine, it can also burn a hole in your pocket. Here is a list places to travel to and not burn a hole in your pocket-

    • Istanbul, Turkey- Right in between Europe and Asia, this place is known for its major sights the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Aya Sofya. The city is great for people who love the middle-eastern cuisine and has an amazing spread for shopping. The streets of Grand Bazaar, with the smell of freshly cooked Turkish food are a delight for travellers from around the world.
    • Thailand- The beaches of Pattaya or the high-rises of Bangkok are the perfect place for a get away from your routine. Thailand is known for its delicious foods, vast and cheap shopping places, relaxing massages and the sweet and welcoming locals.

  • South Africa- South Africa is one of those countries which surprise you with their vast and beautiful landscapes. In South Africa, you can visit the beautiful beaches in Cape Town, or go on the much acclaimed safari to see some of the most magnificent animals.
  • Cuba- The Caribbean islands is one of the most fun coastal countries one can ever visit. Hit the clubs in Havana, enjoy the Sun and beach at Varadero Beach and forget all the tensions you have. If you are visiting this country, try to visit in the month of July to experience the July carnival of Santiago.
  • Prague, Czech Republic- This is one of Europe’s cheapest cities too visit. It is known as the party capital and is perfect for a bachelor’s trip. The place is crammed with rich traditions of the Czech Republic, delicious cuisines and is full of history.
  • Shanghai, China- With abundance of street food to offer and millions of people to talk to, Shanghai has a large appeal as a place to visit when on a budget. It is very easy to find a cheap accommodation and still be comfortable in the city.
  • Bali, Indonesia- Ideal for the backpackers of the world, Bali is beautiful place to visit. The beaches of Kuta or the hills of northern Bali, the place never fails to give a new, enriching and adventurous experience. Known for its authentic culture and welcoming locals, Bali is a must visit if you want a rejuvenating holiday experience.Bali
  • Portugal- This country remains as one of the most economical country in the Western Europe. Portugal is an ideal place to visit if you want to avoid the crowd and clichéd resorts and cities of Spain. The must visit places when in Portugal are Alentejo, Lisbon and Algarve.

Tips for Backpacking


There is nothing like the thrill of packing a backpack and exploring new places and finding new cultures and traditions. It is said that every backpacking experience leaves a life-long impression on a person and can change the person into a completely different new individual. But packing a bag and going to random new places can be scary and tricky. So here is a list of tips for the time when you go backpacking.

  • Pack light- The most obvious and the most important tip is to pack light. You have to figure out what you actually need and what you don’t when on a backpacking trip. For example, carrying four pairs of jeans or four pairs of shoes will be a bad idea as they will make your bag really heavy. Streamlining of whatever you are packing is highly recommended and this way you can also save money on the overweight luggage fees in the airport.
  • Get a hostel- When you are on a tight budget, getting a hostel with a kitchen is an excellent idea. You can find hundreds of back-packer friendly hostels around the world, most of them with free breakfasts or kitchens where you can cook for yourself.
  • Camp out- If you can, try camping out on your backpacking trips. Camping out under the wide starry sky is considered an experience of its own. Camping out can also be really fun and will not stress on your budget. If you are an experienced camper, try getting your own tent and setting it up in a vast ground.coaster
  • Carry your own snacks- Carrying snacks when you are travelling is never a bad idea. When on adventure, looking for place to eat might be really hard. Carrying some snacks around with you will fill you up when you cannot find a place to eat and it’ll also make sure you are energized and active for your trekking expeditions. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t try the local cuisine. Getting to try the local cuisine of the place where you are in is one of the most exciting parts about travelling.
  • Be careful- You can never be too careful in a foreign country. Keep an eye out for some pickpockets or scam artists. These people are usually locals looking to take advantage of a foreigner who is new to the place and can go out of their way to gain some extra cash or exploit a foreigner.
  • Don’t follow the routine- Try avoiding the routine tourist itinerary and try finding new places. Watch and observe where the locals eat or where the locals go or where the locals spend their evening. That is where the true essence of the country lies in and that is where you’ll experience the authenticity of that country.

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