Asset management: how will the sector change in the next few years?

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What is the future of the asset management industry ? What are the scenarios in which companies will be called to operate in the next 5-10 years?

The CFA Institute, which has published an update of the Future State of the Investment Profession , entitled ” Investment Firm of the future “, will answer these and other questions .

A document that examines the evolution of the context in which the investment industry moves, foreseeing possible trends and directions towards which the organizational models of the companies could move .

The report

The document, written by the global association of investment professionals, is the result of a survey conducted among Cfa members globally for the purpose

“To help companies to better face different scenarios, manage risks and create alternative paths of development”

explains Giancarlo Sandrin , President of CFA Society Italy.

According to the survey, most of the professionals (72%) working in the sector believe that the current consolidation phase is set to grow, while a large number of respondents (55%) focus on fees and the consequences that the general cost pressure will have on the performance of the industry.

What, then, the possible scenarios?

The trends of change

Based on the results of this new report, the forecasts outline two possible trends of change in which the asset management industry will operate.

The first is defined as adaptive : the companies in the sector will be called to create new business models, adapting, in fact, to the changes that will undergo the context in which they operate and limiting ” opportunities to enter new entrants “.

The second, however, is disruptive : to prevail not be the existing organizations but the new realities that will have adopted innovative business model and that engulf the old companies.