How do the players invest their money? The business and the flop of the VIPs of the ball

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There are those who decided to focus all on mollusc farming and those who instead dedicated themselves to the safest brick sector. You can indulge in reading how some VIPs of the ball have decided to invest their money, but these operations have not always turned out to be profitable.

Famous in this regard is the case of Gianluigi Buffon , very bad his adventures at the head of Carrarese and Zucchi, but there are examples of other football champions who have managed to make the most of their investments .

Players’ investments

If once there was the myth of the fixed place in the bank to indicate the achievement of economic tranquility, nowadays the bar has risen and the players are the benchmark in terms of well-being.

The ball has now become a global business and the great champions are paid and sought after by sponsors as if they were established Hollywood stars. To understand the figures in our Serie A, just take a look at the hires of the clubs this season.

Leaving the highest paid, with the net salaries of Higuain or Bonucci exceeding 7 million per season, it is emblematic to see how a young man of a provincial can boast at least a contract of 50,000 euros a year.

How much of you know Antonio Santurro ? This is the third goalkeeper of Bologna, who in the past season has been able to count on a salary of 100,000 euros a year, practically more than a company manager.

If you earn these figures a reserve goalkeeper, let alone a top world player to which you must also add the remunerative contracts with the sponsors.

Many money, however, must somehow be invested, with the great champions of the present and the recent past that almost everyone has decided to rely on the real estate sector.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo : five-star hotel “Seven” in Vilamoura in southern Portugal as well as an intimate clothing line “CR7 Underwear”.
  • Lionel Messi : together with his father he owns the Limeca real estate agency as well as a huge 80-hectare sports club.
  • David Beckham : with Beckham Brand Holdings, only by exploiting the image rights of the former player and his lady, in the last year the couple has produced dividends for 38 million euros.
  • Gennaro Gattuso : in 2006 he opened the company Gattuso & Catapano which deals with the purification and breeding of mollusks in Corigliano Calabro.
  • Paolo Maldini : owner and founder along with other members of the Miami Fc team, which participates in the North American Soccer League in the United States.
  • Christian Vieri : together with his friend and former player Cristian Brocchi, after the crash of the clothing line Baci & Abbracci, now with Bfc & co, they have a company that imports precious properties.
  • Gianluigi Buffon : after the bad business with Zucchi and Carrarese, GB Holding srl now boasts only some investments in companies operating in real estate.
  • Francesco Totti : also invested in the brick Pupone, which with its holding company Number Ten controls seven companies active mainly in the real estate sector.
  • Antonio Benarrivo : after having retired in 2004, he opened a construction company in his Brindisi.
  • Kakhaber Kaladze : in parallel to the political career, the former Milan defender had until 2009 15% of the shares of the Giannino restaurant. At the moment he is the owner of a restaurant in Kiev, where he also has a hotel while a second hotel is located in the Black Sea. He also founded the holding company Kala Capital with the aim of attracting investments in Georgia.
  • Francesco Coco : after having worked in Dubai in the catering sector, in 2017 he gave fashion to creating a line of men’s socks in collaboration with the Via Calzabigi brand.