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While travelling can be a very refreshing and relaxing way of taking a break from the routine, it can also burn a hole in your pocket. Here is a list places to travel to and not burn a hole in your pocket-

    • Istanbul, Turkey- Right in between Europe and Asia, this place is known for its major sights the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace and the Aya Sofya. The city is great for people who love the middle-eastern cuisine and has an amazing spread for shopping. The streets of Grand Bazaar, with the smell of freshly cooked Turkish food are a delight for travellers from around the world.
    • Thailand- The beaches of Pattaya or the high-rises of Bangkok are the perfect place for a get away from your routine. Thailand is known for its delicious foods, vast and cheap shopping places, relaxing massages and the sweet and welcoming locals.

  • South Africa- South Africa is one of those countries which surprise you with their vast and beautiful landscapes. In South Africa, you can visit the beautiful beaches in Cape Town, or go on the much acclaimed safari to see some of the most magnificent animals.
  • Cuba- The Caribbean islands is one of the most fun coastal countries one can ever visit. Hit the clubs in Havana, enjoy the Sun and beach at Varadero Beach and forget all the tensions you have. If you are visiting this country, try to visit in the month of July to experience the July carnival of Santiago.
  • Prague, Czech Republic- This is one of Europe’s cheapest cities too visit. It is known as the party capital and is perfect for a bachelor’s trip. The place is crammed with rich traditions of the Czech Republic, delicious cuisines and is full of history.
  • Shanghai, China- With abundance of street food to offer and millions of people to talk to, Shanghai has a large appeal as a place to visit when on a budget. It is very easy to find a cheap accommodation and still be comfortable in the city.
  • Bali, Indonesia- Ideal for the backpackers of the world, Bali is beautiful place to visit. The beaches of Kuta or the hills of northern Bali, the place never fails to give a new, enriching and adventurous experience. Known for its authentic culture and welcoming locals, Bali is a must visit if you want a rejuvenating holiday experience.Bali
  • Portugal- This country remains as one of the most economical country in the Western Europe. Portugal is an ideal place to visit if you want to avoid the crowd and clichéd resorts and cities of Spain. The must visit places when in Portugal are Alentejo, Lisbon and Algarve.

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