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There is nothing like the thrill of packing a backpack and exploring new places and finding new cultures and traditions. It is said that every backpacking experience leaves a life-long impression on a person and can change the person into a completely different new individual. But packing a bag and going to random new places can be scary and tricky. So here is a list of tips for the time when you go backpacking.

  • Pack light- The most obvious and the most important tip is to pack light. You have to figure out what you actually need and what you don’t when on a backpacking trip. For example, carrying four pairs of jeans or four pairs of shoes will be a bad idea as they will make your bag really heavy. Streamlining of whatever you are packing is highly recommended and this way you can also save money on the overweight luggage fees in the airport.
  • Get a hostel- When you are on a tight budget, getting a hostel with a kitchen is an excellent idea. You can find hundreds of back-packer friendly hostels around the world, most of them with free breakfasts or kitchens where you can cook for yourself.
  • Camp out- If you can, try camping out on your backpacking trips. Camping out under the wide starry sky is considered an experience of its own. Camping out can also be really fun and will not stress on your budget. If you are an experienced camper, try getting your own tent and setting it up in a vast ground.coaster
  • Carry your own snacks- Carrying snacks when you are travelling is never a bad idea. When on adventure, looking for place to eat might be really hard. Carrying some snacks around with you will fill you up when you cannot find a place to eat and it’ll also make sure you are energized and active for your trekking expeditions. But this does not mean that you shouldn’t try the local cuisine. Getting to try the local cuisine of the place where you are in is one of the most exciting parts about travelling.
  • Be careful- You can never be too careful in a foreign country. Keep an eye out for some pickpockets or scam artists. These people are usually locals looking to take advantage of a foreigner who is new to the place and can go out of their way to gain some extra cash or exploit a foreigner.
  • Don’t follow the routine- Try avoiding the routine tourist itinerary and try finding new places. Watch and observe where the locals eat or where the locals go or where the locals spend their evening. That is where the true essence of the country lies in and that is where you’ll experience the authenticity of that country.

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